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Our Parish – Our FutureWe voted YES!

Dear Resident

We would like to thank everyone who voted in the Referendum and everyone who contributed to the Neighbourhood Plan during its production. We’re pleased to tell you that the outcome was positive with 128 (91%) voting for the Neighbourhood Plan and 13 (9%) voting against it. Follow this link to view the Formal Declaration.

The Neighbourhood Plan has been formally made by NHDC and is now part of the statutory development plan for North Hertfordshire. It will be used by planning officers when determining every planning application for the parish until 2031.

Kind regards – Di, Fay, Jane, Liz, Margaret, Rae and Wal
The Steering Group

A number of residents have asked if they could have a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan as a printed and bound book. This can be organised at a cost of between £10 and £21.50 for a full colour, high quality, proper hardback copy with a sewn binding. The price will be determined by the total number of copies printed with a minimum print of 25. Anyone who would like a copy can let us know using our

Closing date for orders is Tuesday 5 May.

The actual cost will be confirmed to those who have ordered copies before the order is submitted to the publisher with details of how to pay.

The plan can be viewed by following this link:

Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2018 – 2031

All of the associated documents and previous documents are available via the Your Say page.

Progress – The Final Step is Complete

Completed – June 2016
  • Stage 1 –
    • Define the Neighbourhood Plan area
    • Determine if the parishioners would like a Neighbourhood Plan for Preston
Completed – September 2017
  • Stage 2 –
    • Survey – consult residents about their wishes for the parish
    • Obtain grants towards costs of survey and publicity
    • Analyse and present survey results
    • Gather other information
    • Define the objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan
    • Engage volunteers for specific projects
Completed – April 2018
  • Stage 3
    • Consult residents on Draft Objectives
    • Review and refine objectives and draft plan, incorporating comments on objectives
    • Select independent Consultant to advise on the draft plan and to ensure that all relevant criteria and legislation are fully met
    • Obtain grant towards cost of professional help
    • Engage and work with independent Consultant to finalise draft plan for Regulation 14
    • Informal consultation (Regulation 14)
    • Produce next draft of the plan based on the consultation results
    • Submit draft plan to North Herts District Council (Regulation 15)
Completed – Summer 2018
  • Stage 4 – Conduct formal round of public consultation (Regulation 16)
Completed – February 2019
  • Stage 3 revisited
    • Update plan in line with any changes in the NPPF, the emerging Local Plan and addressing Regulation 16 comments
    • Submit updated plan to NHDC

The following 3 stages are organised and paid for by North Herts District Council.

Completed – November 2019
  • Stage 4 revisited – Conduct formal round of public consultation (Regulation 16)
    • Consultation
    • Collate comments
  • Stage 5 – Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan by an independent examiner – to ensure it meets all statutory obligations.
Referendum held 5 March 2020, We voted YES and the Neighbourhood Plan is made
  • Stage 6Referendum conducted by North Herts District Council
    • NHDC Cabinet decide if the Neighbourhood Plan can proceed to Referendum
    • Cabinet decision made public
    • Referendum date announced – Thursday 5 March
    • Referendum takes place – we voted YES
    • The Neighbourhood Plan must be used by Planning Officers when determining planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area.
    • The Neighbourhood Plan is formally made by NHDC

For a fuller description of the stages in producing the plan please visit the Our Future page.

How it all began

Our Parliament passed the Localism Act in 2012. This new Act gives all communities, for the first time ever, the legal right and opportunity to prepare their own Neighbourhood Plan. Such a plan sets out policies to guide development and the use of land in a parish or a neighbourhood. Once approved by NHDC, the plan becomes part of the statutory planning process.

At a public meeting, in our Village Hall on 26th June 2016, a large majority of the 35 residents attending voted in favour of producing a Neighbourhood Plan for this parish. Some residents volunteered to form the Steering Group, and to be responsible for producing the plan. Others have volunteered to be involved in different ways.

This is our parish – we are concerned about our future – we want everyone in the parish to have their say to help shape that future.