The consultation is now closed

We would like to thank everyone who has already submitted their response to the Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 Consultation and to those who attended the meetings last Thursday evening and Saturday morning to ask questions. As a result of the feedback we have received, we would like to give you some further information about the consultation.

We were very grateful for the fantastic response to the questionnaires last January from which we were able to produce the survey results report. This was the first step and we now realise that some residents thought that this was all they had to do.

The Steering Group used the results of the survey to produce the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

The Regulation 14 Consultation, which is now open, is the next step for which we need your help. This is your opportunity to comment on the Plan and say whether you agree or disagree with it. Once we have received all of your comments, we can make any amendments to the Plan This is our last chance to do this before it is sent to NHDC for the next stage of the process.

Please do not be put off by the number of pages; we hope that you will find some really interesting information in the Plan and particularly in the Appendix. Most importantly we would like you to consider the Policies as these will be particularly important for future planning applications for the Parish. If you disagree with anything it would be helpful if you could also say what you would replace it with.

It is possible to respond in stages. Our software doesn’t allow you to save, then add more before submitting it but you can submit part of your response one day, then another part another day.

If you agree with the whole plan, it is important that you tell us, so we know it meets the aims and aspirations of local residents. There is an option on the last page to say you agree with everything that you have not commented on.

We are aware that we have asked you to complete a lengthy task but hope that you will do so for the long term benefit of the parish.

If you have any questions or queries or need help with completing the consultation, then please feel free to contact us by phoning 01462 434403 between 9 am and 8 pm or via the Neighbourhood Plan website: and we will do our best to help you.

Kind regards
The Steering Group

Please share this information with anyone you know who might not be on the e-mail list and is living in Preston.