Does a Neighbourhood Plan let us block Local Plans and Planning Applications?

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Taking Local Plans and Planning Applications separately –

Local Plans: A Neighbourhood Plan lets us shape how the Local Plan is implemented in our neighbourhood area, but it cannot be used to block development set out in the Local Plan. A Neighbourhood Plan once made can be used to challenge development which is not part of a local plan or national policy. However, until a Local Plan is adopted we can object to any part of it for which we can demonstrate one or more material planning considerations.

Planning Applications: Where a local plan or national policy specify some form of development or other changes within our neighbourhood our Neighbourhood Plan strengthens our legal position to

  • challenge anything which is not in accordance with our plan
  • impose conditions on the nature of the development  and how the work is carried out.

All the other mechanisms for objecting to planning applications on the basis of material planning considerations are still in effect.

What are Material Planning Considerations?: There is a one page summary of Material Planning Considerations on the The Royal Town Planning Institute’s website at: