Preston Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting – 3 April 2018

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Location of Meeting: St. Martin’s Place

Attending: Diane Day, Fay Higgin, Liz Hunter, Malcolm Gomm, Margaret Trinder, Rae Reynolds, Wally Steele

Awaiting Review

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Apologies for Absence



Minutes from Meeting 13 January 2018

Signed as a true record of the meeting.


Matters Arising from Last Meeting



Update from Reg 14 Consultation

Appendix 25 of the Consultation Statement will show that the responses yielded many positive comments (collated list circulated to Steering Group).

WS, DD and MT ran through the NHDC comments from Claire Skeels plus recent changes to the draft plan following comments by interested parties and recommendations from Jacqueline Veater.  RR collated the list of minor changes raised during this run through (note past tense as now completed):

p1 Added Submission Draft April 2018

p17 3.20 and 3.21 reviewed comments and clarified text in 3.21 to avoid confusion

p26 6.9 modernised figures (put a “t” space delimiter for thousands), capital E for East window.

p39 HD11 removed “to protect”

p43 10.11 added reference to Views and Vistas – Distinct Villages p 61 to 63

p45 EH3 line 3 added “the” before “local character”

p59 changed to “buildings and structures”

p61 – 62 inserted photographs / images for views / distinct villages – was not necessary to change words to match pictures.

p63 Disitinct Villages – reworded to include the distance to Sandy Heath

p63 Updated the Disitinct Villages map with checked views

p78 Index of Listed Buildings

Added a comma after Ladygrove Stud Farm (now Ladygrove Mews but left as per Listing since reader can work out where it is)

Change Laburnam Cottage to Laburnam Lodge (Joyners Cottage) so it matches listing and the reader can find it under current name.

(Subsequently EH clarified two points below:)

p25 6.2, line 1: Add a fullstop after the NPPF.

p26 6.9, line 1: Change ‘is’ to ‘was’, and then change to …the re-roofing and refurbishment of St. Martin’s Church, with the addition of two new stained glass windows, both designed by Peter Caller, a local resident.

The Steering Group voted unanimously to sign off the Neighbourhood Plan for Regulation 15 subject to the above changes being made. The changed pages have been circulated and agreed by all members of the Steering Group.


Timescale Update

MTOnce changes are finished, it will be sent as a PDF to the Parish Council noted ‘subject to NHDC amendments’.  Once approved, NP will be sent from the Parish Council to NHDC on 16 April 2018.

This is subject to receiving the SEA determination from Clare Skeels. Jacqueline Veater will help if required.

NHDC need time to set up the Regulation 16 Consultation with the suggested date of 8 or 9 May allowing 6 weeks until 19 or 20 June. This Consultation will be advertised in the Village Newsletter, Preston News Service and Parish Council emails.

NHDC will collate comments which go the Examiner hopefully in August (depends on number of comments). NHDC will suggest an Examiner. Once agreed who this will be, assuming they are available, a date will be set in September or October for the Examiner to review the plan. Once the Plan is agreed with the Examiner, it the goes to a NHDC Cabinet meeting for approval, after which a referendum is organised by electoral services. If the timescale listed above is adhered to, it will mean a referendum probably in March 2019. If there is a positive outcome, the Plan will be “made” within 6 to 8 weeks.

The NHDC Local Plan is not expected to be “made” until March 2019 at the earliest.


Next Steps

  1. WSUpdate website to say where we are
  2. Otherwise covered under timescale





Date of Next Meeting

None set The next meeting will be called as needed since the proactive part of preparing the Neighbourhood Plan is nearly complete.