Preston Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting – 6 March 2017

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Location of Meeting: St. Martin’s Place

Attending: Alexandra Higgin, Diane Day, Fay Higgin, Liz Hunter, Rae Reynolds, Margaret Trinder, Wally Steele

The initial part of the meeting was attended by Becky Lewis of Insight Foundation as she was presenting the initial findings from the parish survey to the NP Group. Further work is to be done on analysing some of the open questions and was approved. After Becky left the SG meeting business commenced.


Item Next Action


Apologies for Absence


Minutes from Meeting 11 February 2017

Accepted and signed as a true record of the meeting.

Matters Arising from Minutes of 11.1.17 meeting

6. Other Info Gathering

Proposed meeting with Claire Skeels – we need to get back to her with dates [subsequently arranged]. What do we want to gain from this meeting?

Business – still ongoing. Asking them to contact the NP group.

Security by Design – hold till after meeting with Claire Skeels.



My Community Grant

Prof Fees £20 more than budgeted

Printing £20 more than budgeted

Courier £130 not budgeted for
Leaves £3.63 left, up to £500 overspend is allowed.
NHDC Grant

Flyers £400

MTFlyer with April Newsletter (invoice by Creamer’s to be paid for by NHDC in April)



PSMA Licence – have to pay for Land Registry Data.


Date of Next Meeting

AllEveryone to email RR with available dates.
Subseqently set for 29.3.17.