Preston Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Minutes 29 August 2017

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Location of Meeting: St. Martin’s Place

Attending: Wally Steele, Diane Day, Margaret Trinder, Liz Hunter, Fay Higgin

Item Next Action


Apologies for Absence

Alexandra Higgin, Rae Reynolds


Minutes from Meeting 23 July 2017

Agreed and signed.


Matters Arising

  • If a review of the NP results in changes, does the revised plan have to go through the full process of another examination and referendum?
    AHCarried Forward, AH to check.
  • MTEstimating how much to apply for in next grant tranche. MT to review what NHDC will pay for.
  • Web server, agreed for renewal—Done
  • Village hall has been booked for the drop-in sessions.
  • AH has circulated a report on the NP court challenge.


HERC meeting

LH, WS and Jane Campbell plus possibly RR to attend. Haven’t received an invoice yet. LHAgreed that LH will forward habitat and species data to Jane for information (to be kept confidential to Steering Group and not made publicly available). Meeting on 1/9/17.


Grant Application

Deadline of 31/1/18 to be spent by 31/3. Can’t specify what we want to apply for yet. Estimate of 80 pages to be printed for draft plan. MTDoes it have to be printed or can it be online only?


Drop In Sessions

5 & 7 October.

  • Visions, Aims & Objectives to be finalised.
  • WS, RRWS/RR to prepare posters on which attendees can make notes using post-its. Posters will be made using flipchart paper with objectives etc printed on A3 and glued in place.
  • WSWS will take photographs of the meeting, as further evidence of public consultation
    Objectives will be published the week before via the website in case people can’t attend (requesting comments by 7/10).
  • LH, WSLH to ask Jane Campbell and Frances Drew to attend and help with drop-in sessions. WS to talk to Richard Woolfson.
  • MTMT will be putting in newsletter and to publicise on Preston News Service.
  • WS, RRRR/WS to produce posters for noticeboards


Use of Consultants

WS, MT, LH met with Donna Moles of Moles Consultancy. We need to seek 3 quotes for use of consultants, MTMT is following up with Pirton’s consultant and will also contact CPRE to ask if there is anyone they can recommend.

What do we want the consultant to do? Undertake the ‘critical friend’ role.

Landowners – MT had asked Claire Skeels whether we needed to consult landowners. We do. MTMT will write as the Parish Council representative on the SG, as a courtesy, after HERC meeting. MT to draft letter to local landowners.

SHLAA – Only Castlefield site is included as the others failed the test.


Draft of Neighbourhood Plan

The use of bullets to expand the vision statement was discussed. We will keep them for now. If we appoint a consultant as a ‘critical friend’ we may seek further guidance on the use of bullets here.

DD, MTRevisions/additions are ongoing:


Housing & Development

P.8 Housing & Development Objectives

  • Delete No 4 To ensure new development provides local benefit
  • No 5 “all new homes”
  • No 6 “off road parking for 2 spaces”.
  • ALLCombine No 2 and No 7, ideas please.


Objective 5 Heritage

Needs writing, Action LH


Objective 1: …. transport.

Objective 2: To support and encourage safe use of roads and paths for and by walkers, horse riders, cyclists and joggers.


Section 8 Amenities

Re village shop etc. (in box) – is this the only section where we have items to acknowledge from the survey although they are out of scope of a Neighbourhood Plan. Consensus to keep as it is for now and consider format and if there are others as we look at policies.

Residential extensions/infill need to go in Housing objectives. Check Local Plan also.

Section 9 Housing & Development

P.15, 9.13 and 9.14 wording by WS.

Section 10 Environment

Jane Campbell has written a descriptive paragraph that could be included here (to be circulated).



Malcolm Gomm has joined the Steering Group and we welcome him and look forward to working together.

WSWebsite needs updating with Minutes from the SG meetings, also publicising the drop-in sessions.


Date of Next Meeting

2pm Monday 16th October at Rose Cottage