Preston Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Minutes Saturday 11 January 2017

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Open as a PDF document: Minutes of PNP 11 1 17


Date of Meeting:


Location of Meeting:

Liz Hunter’s


Wally Steele, Di Day, Fay Higgin, Liz Hunter, Rae Reynolds, Margaret Trinder





Apologies for absence


Alexandra Higgin

Minutes from meeting of 5.11.16; signed by chairman as representing a true record of the meeting.


Matters Arising from Minutes of 5.11.16 meeting

3. a) Data Protection

MT advised that this will be covered under the Preston Parish Council (PPC) policy.

3. b) Public Liability insurance – Also covered under PPC policy.


My Communities Grant

MT notified that the application for the first tranche of the grant has been accepted. The money should be arriving in the bank account on 13.1.17, totalling £5,088. This needs to be spent by the end of March – financial year – which is likely as printing costs plus Insight Foundation are taking most of this. We will be able to apply once more, total left in the pot £3,112, before the grant system ends in March 2018.

We need to start a new ‘shopping list’ of items for the 2nd tranche (attached at the end of the minutes to be carried forward to each meeting).

NHDC also have a grant system for Neighbourhood Plans (few hundred pounds). MT to investigate further, and perhaps apply for the cost of flyers and the course attended.

Please forward to FH amendments/additions to shopping list.




Workshop Meeting on 5.12.17 with Becky from Insight Foundation

Good meeting, ran through document discussing additions, changes, why items were being asked. Becky amended the document and sent back to WS/RR. New printed and ready to go.

 6 Questionnaires

  1. Delivery – w/e 14.1.17

LH has worked hard establishing the numbers of residents and households and assembled a team of volunteers to help with delivery/collection. LH ran through delivery schedule, which should take place this weekend.

  1. Collection – w/e 29.1.17

We may need to have some backup volunteers in case those delivering the Questionnaire feel they have done all they can.

  1. Initial Findings from Becky – 28.2.17

Unless we fall majorly behind schedule with collection of the questionnaires. No further meeting has been arranged with her yet.


Survey Help Line

WS has a spare telephone line, some volunteers are needed to man this over the ‘assistance’ period as calls can be diverted. It is likely most queries will be dealt with on the ‘drop in’ session.

 8 Drop In Session

4.2.17 – ‘under 10’s’ – at Village Hall on Book Swap day to involve the youngest members accompanied by adult.

 9 Other Information Gathering & Meeting the Volunteers to Help

To be revisited once the questionnaires have been collected in.


Date of Next Meeting

Saturday 11 February 10.30 at Fay’s, Wildwood.



MT is now the Parish Council representative on the Steering Group as Diane Day is no longer a Councillor (although the latter is still staying involved with the SG).


Grant Application Draft List of Items


  • Data Protection £42.58 (£35 plus VAT?)
  • Data analysis
  1. Insight Foundation & W3D = £3,440 including VAT
  • Quotes for Printing
    • Flyers
    • Questionnaires – Individual, Youth
  • Mileage rates, @ 45p per mile
  • Land Registry Fees
  • Hiring of Village Hall
  • Expenses for stationary and printing of “project documentation” say £200?

Total applied for: £5,088 (exc VAT)


  • Printing of A3 Flyers


  • Cost of flyers
  • Course attended