Preston Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting – 9 November 2017

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Location of Meeting: The Node

Attending: Diane Day, Malcolm Gomm, Liz Hunter, Rae Reynolds, Margaret Trinder, Wally Steele

Item Next Action


Apologies for Absence

Alexandra Higgin, Fay Higgin


Minutes from Meeting 16 October 2017

Accepted and signed as a true record of the meeting.


Matters Arising from Last Meeting



Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Review Plan Document

LH brought a copy of latest additions for each person at the meeting as well as e-mailing to DD.

Review points were discussed as follows:

  • Narrative on Bunyan’s Cottage has been put in with Wain Wood as it seemed most appropriate.
  • Temple Dinsley was removed from the historic monument register, date not known – presumably the building listing and parks and gardens listing was sufficient. This means we no longer need any appendix or other items on Scheduled Ancient Monuments.
  • The Areas of Archeological designation is a locally defined status – recognized but not ratified by English Heritage. As such it will be taken into account in planning decisions.
  • Decided the detail of the wildlife species information will go in the appendix.
  • MTMT will check the name of the road going past Wain Wood
    – Done it is Hitchin Road
  • RR queried phrase “significant landowners” – changed to “all known local landowners”. MGMG will talk to Derek Prince Ministries as they own Ladygrove Court.
  • WSWS will create a hyper-linking Table of Contents when formatting
  • Add CPRE Training Day to our journey dates, narrative not needed – DD, MTDD MT
  • Evidence Base – Page 6 – Add:
    • Hertfordshire Historic Environment Record
    • NHDC Museum Service
    • Ordnance Survey
  • Page 31 – LHLH will contact Jane Sears regarding maps referenced. DD will then decide whether to incorporate or change reference.

Agreed – The Draft Plan is now closed to any new amendments prior to review by the independent consultant. DD and MTDD MT are now finalising the draft for that review.

Agree Appendix Contents

The contents (but not the order of items) of the appendix will be:

  • Steering Group – just names, no biographies or pictures – DDDD
  • Acknowledgment, with list of names, of the other Neighbourhood Plan team members – DD LHDD LH
  • Acknowledgment of other individuals and organisations who were consulted, provided information and/or services DD LHDD LH
  • Our thanks to Pirton, Mattishall, Tattenhall, Walkern and Braughing Parish Councils – we have read and learnt from your Neighbourhood Plans.
  • A copy of each Survey Questionnaire WSWS
  • The Analysis Report WSWS
    • Including the presentation
  • Project Plan RRRR
  • Timeline (originally described as Community Events Summary) – WSWS to find doc saved from My Community web site. RR to find Matishall example of Timeline.
  • WSWS will investigate using the Word automation to generate a list of references, as well as lists of tables or figures.
  • All Marketing Materials – will include:
    • PDFs of fliers, posters, etc. WS RRWS RR
    • Key Web Pages as the website will probably not persist as a separate entity once the plan is made. WSWS
  • Footpaths Map – WSWS
    • the boundary map from the questionnaire shows footpaths and may be suitable
  • Natural England:  The SSI.  Ancient Woodland Inventory Sites –
    • LH to do text, WSLH WS to do map
    • LH will include Species list here.LH
  • English Heritage: Areas of Archaeological Significance – LHLH
  • Archaeology findspots – LHLH
  • Registered Landscape Park and Garden – LHLH
  • Map showing Listed Buildings – WSWS All, with requirements from MG DD et al.
  • Views and Vistas Map – WSWS, no need for photos
  • Implementation Plan – Underway DD, MTDD MT

Not required in Appendix

  • References will be covered in the Consultation Statement
  • Scheduled Ancient Monuments – no longer required
  • Environmental Study, Dr. Jane Sears – content included elsewhere so not in Appendix as a specific item
  • Objectives review feedback – covered in the Consultation Statement
  • 20mph questionnaire map as already included in the Survey Results Report

RR is collating the AppendicesRR

MG has volunteered to assist LH and other action owners on request


Grant Update

The application has been made and we have received the acceptance. Due dilligence is now in progress and expected by 22nd Nov.


Timescale for Regulation 14

Plan to conduct the Consultation from Monday 8th Jan to Sunday 19th Feb 2018 inclusive. The timings in order to meet this are:

  • Send Draft Plan to our independent consultant, Jacqueline Veater (JV) by Wednesday 15 Nov.
  • The SG will still be working on the Appendices, Implementation plan, Consultation Statement etc. after 15 Nov
  • MTMT will complete the Environmental Screening doc and pass to JV for review
  • JVJV will produce the Basic Conditions Statement
  • MTMT will ask JV when she needs to have the Appendices, etc. and also stay in contact in case of any plan changes or additional actions required after initial view of draft plan.
  • WS AllElectronic copies of appendices, other documents and web pages to be ready by 15 Dec 2017
  • WSWS will produce or arrange production of a small number of print copies of the Plan to be available in the Red Lion (1 copy), for use at Consultation Sessions (2 copies) – which may also be available for loan.
  • MTMT will send the draft plan to the Parish Council so that it can be approved at their next meeting.


Consultation Sessions/Meetings for Regulation 14

Decided to call these “Preston Neighbourhood Plan Consultations” instead of “Drop in Sessions”

These will be held in the Village Hall. The planned timings are:

Thursday 11 Jan 2018 – 18:30 to 20:30

Saturday 13 Jan 2018 – 10:00 to 12:00

Thursday 8 Feb 2018 – 18:30 to 20:30

Saturday 10 Feb 2018 – 10:00 to 12:00

The consultation will be publicised by:

  • Preston News Service e-mails – MTMT
  • Parish Council e-mail list – MTMT
  • Newsletter – MTMT
  • Posters – RRRR
  • MTMT will write to all known local landowners


IT & Web

WS reported that – DD, MT and WS concluded that since we are using Word for the Plan and associated documents there is little to be gained in terms of time saving by using external support.

DD and MT had a session on WordPress with WS. Other than some basic training for other team members to be able to log in and review draft web content on WordPress no other training is required.WS

Updates for the web over the coming days and weeks will include:

  • Publicising Consultation Process and Dates
  • News updates as we move towards the consultation
  • Ticking off items in next steps
  • Populating Our Parish with descriptive narrative of the parish from the draft plan etc.

WSWS All to implement web updates, All to look for things to say


Next Steps

All covered above – no additional items to discuss.


Date of Next Meeting

To be decided based on feedback from JV.