The Steering Group is an advisory committee to the Preston Parish Council. Its objectives are to:

  1. Manage and co-ordinate the production of the Neighbourhood Plan.
  2. Identify ways of involving the whole community and gather the views and opinions of as many individuals, groups and organisations in the community as possible on all aspects relating to the Neighbourhood Plan.
  3. Communicate all findings and ideas to the Preston Parish Council and the wider community.
  4. Identify support, resources and funding.
  5. Manage decision making processes in an open, transparent and accessible way.
  6. Prepare policy documents consistent with delivery of the Neighbourhood Plan.
  7. Produce appropriate time-scales and delivery mechanisms.
  8. Produce the Neighbourhood Plan consistent with National and Local policies.
  9. Take the Neighbourhood Plan through to adoption by the District Council.

The Steering Group consists of seven members:

  • Wally Steele (Chairman)
  • Margaret Trinder (Parish Council Liaison)
  • Di Day (Vice Chair)
  • Fay Higgin (Clerk)
  • Malcolm Gomm
  • Liz Hunter
  • Rae Reynolds

Former members:

  • Alexandra Higgin – resigned from the committee (Jan 2018) due to conflict of interest.

The Steering Group’s operation is in accordance with the Constitution and Code of Conduct set out in the following standing documents:

Meeting records etc. can be found on the Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Formal Documents page.