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Questionnaire Help

General Guidance
Notes and answers to queries that are not specific to particular questions.

Questionnaire for Adult Residents
Help organised by section for those over 16, including

Questionnaire for Young Residents
Help organised by section for the 10 to 15’s questionnaire

Preston Parish for the Under 10’s

The parish’s youngest group of residents have been invited to write or draw something they like about living in Preston. This will give them a chance to be involved. Some of them might like to have their pictures and ideas displayed on the neighbourhood plan website.

To do this please bring your Under 10’s to the “Drop in Session” during the Community Book Swap. This will be at the Village Hall on 4th February (10am to 11am). If you or they can’t make that date please contact us via Survey Help and we will arrange an alternative.

As promised, we have created some puzzles for everyone, not just the under 10’s. Visit for the Preston Parish Puzzle Pages.

Background Information

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Our 5 key stages for developing a Neighbourhood Plan

Asking us Questions

If you have any queries about the questionnaire or individual questions, please:

Questionnaire Delivery and Collection

To make alternative delivery / collection arrangements please phone us using the contact details on the flier and questionnaires or via the Contact the Steering Group form.

If nobody has called to deliver questionnaires

We have used both the local knowledge of our volunteers and the Royal Mail PAF (postal address file) to identify households in the parish. If you think we have missed you, please let us know using the Contact the Steering Group form. We will confirm whether or not you are eligible – if you are we will get questionnaires to you as soon as possible.

We regret that we have not published contact phone numbers or e-mail addresses here. This is to avoid web robots obtaining them for the purpose of making unsolicited calls and sending spam.