This section contains notes and answers to any of your queries that are more specific to the Survey Questionnaire for Young Residents. We can also “get away with” a more informal style here than is appropriate in a questionnaire.

Guide to types of Questions

Multiple Choice (ticking answers)

You may love or hate this type of question (or just not bothered). When analysed, your answers can tell us more than just what most people said. We can see how many people agree or even if two groups said very different things. When combined with other questions we can look for patterns. For example: if one group says something is good while another say it is not – there may be a pattern that shows us what we can do to make it better.

Open (free text)

These are your chance to write what you think. Please use whatever style is good for you. You could

  • Note down one or more things as words and phrases like – “lots to do”, “not enough to do”, “pub garden”, “cricket”, “I love the quiet”, “its too quiet”, …
  • Write one or more sentences explaining what and why
  • Or just leave it blank if you prefer.


Answers to Your Questions

This section of Survey Help is a “living document”. That means we might add or change bits of this page to keep it up to date. For example, if somebody asks for help with a question, we might want to share the answer or explain a question in more detail.

So if you have any specific questions contact survey help – or ask an adult to contact survey help. If we do share our answer we will not say (or do anything to give away) who asked the question.

No questions asked yet.