Below is a copy of the draft Vision and Objectives as presented for review on the 5th and 7th of October in the Village Hall and also online for the week following.

The Vision for Preston Parish to 2031

Preston Parish thrives socially, economically and environmentally as a safe, tranquil, rural community where any development should be sustainable and of good, intelligent design to enhance its distinctive character. The heritage, biodiversity and position in the landscape should be respected and enhanced.

We will do this by:

  • Encouraging a thriving and prosperous community that delivers a high quality of life for all its residents.
  • Promoting a distinctive and flourishing local economy that exhibits vitality and dynamism.
  • Supporting measured, proportionate, timely and sustainable development to meet the requirements of both the village and the Parish.
  • Endorsing policies that have a positive effect on the environment, including those that mitigate climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Maintaining the high quality natural environment with its protected wildlife interests.


Living in Preston (Quality of Life)

Objective QL1 To encourage the provision of opportunities for social interaction through cultural, leisure, sport and commercial activities for all members of the community.
Objective QL2 To promote a community quality of life including clean air and water, enjoyment of unfettered open spaces, conservation of wildlife and natural resources, security from crime and protection from toxic substances.
 Objective QL3  To strengthen and support economic activity.
 Objective QL4  To sustain and improve excellent local facilities for existing and new residents.
 Objective QL5  To prioritise local distinctiveness in every element of change and growth.

Amenities and Facilities

Objective AF1 To support all existing amenities, facilities and services available in the parish and all new ventures where possible for the benefit of the community.
Objective AF2 To support existing businesses and promote businesses and employment opportunities on a scale compatible with Preston Parish’s rural character.

Housing and Development

Objective HD1 To ensure that any development is sensitively planned and phased over the period of the Plan, protecting and enriching the landscape and built setting.
Objective HD2 To ensure that any development delivers a range of housing to meet local needs.
 Objective HD3 To support developments which are of a high quality design with a low carbon footprint, eco-friendly and of a scale that reinforces local character.
 Objective HD4 To support the provision of solar panels, electric car charging points and bicycle and mobility scooter stores for all new homes.
 Objective HD5 To support developments which enable residents to work from home.
Objective HD6 To ensure that any development includes provision for off road parking for a minimum of 2 cars and each property should have the benefit of a garden.
Objective HD7 To deliver a housing growth strategy tailored to the needs and context of Preston.
Objective HD8 To ensure that any new development does not create problems with sewage, surface water drainage or water pressure, nor does it have a negative impact on the infrastructure, services and utilities of existing houses, while at the same time ensuring that any existing problems are not exacerbated.
Objective HD9 To ensure that individual extensions do not lead to over-development of any site, nor to any reduction in village amenities.
Objective HD10 To ensure any infill development is sustainable and does not detract from the character of the village.
Objective HD11 To ensure that all development meets the requirements of the relevant Housing and Development Policies contained within this Plan in order to reduce the impact of building construction for local residents, surrounding properties and the narrow lanes within the village.

Environment and Heritage

Objective EH1 To protect and enhance the unique rural environment of the parish, and its varied landscapes.
Objective EH2 To support wildlife conservation, and to maintain and enhance the different habitats and their distinctive species.
 Objective EH3 To maintain and protect good access to the countryside by means of footpaths and bridleways, and by safety on the lanes.
 Objective EH4 To protect ‘greenspace’ e.g The Green and all verges, within and around the village, so as to maintain and enhance the open and spacious appearance of this rural settlement.
 Objective EH5 To recognize the visual merits of the built environment across the parish, and to seek to protect this architectural heritage, especially that of the many Listed Buildings.
Objective EH6 To take special care of the Conservation Area, and to raise awareness of the legislation relevant to it.
Objective EH7 To ensure new developments do not create flood risk and problems with the sewerage system and surface water drainage, while at the same time ensuring that any existing problems are not exacerbated.

Transport and Communication

Objective TC1 To support and encourage safe and sustainable transport, including walking, and cycling.
Objective TC2 To support and encourage safe use of roads, paths and bridleways for all users: walkers, joggers, cyclists and horse riders, as well as being safe for motorised vehicles.
Objective TC3 To support the development of efficient and effective broadband and mobile connectivity throughout the Parish, meeting the domestic, social and business needs of the community.
Objective TC4 To support the maintenance of the rural character of the lanes in the Parish.
Objective TC5 To support on-going improvements to transport, to utility infrastructure and to digital connectivity.